Client Testimonials

“I absolutely love my whitened teeth! they really sparkle and i can’t stop smiling!”

– Sara, newtown

i smoked for years and after giving up i wanted to remove the stains left behind. After 2 sessions my teeth are 6 shades lighter and look great. None will think i was a smoker. Thanks!”

– Mia, Surry Hills

“My teeth are really sensitive so i never thought i could have teeth whitening but Teeth Whitening By Sia assured me the product they used wouldn’t cause sensitivity and they were right. I can even use the aftercare pen to maintain the results.”

– Jamie, Little Bay

“i do a lot of public speaking and always hated the colour of my teeth and didn’t want veneers. A friend had her teeth lightened and it made such a difference. I can’t believe i waited so long to have my teeth whitenined and i do feel more confident when speaking. i would recommend doing it to everyone!”

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