Teeth Whitening Strips

There are many types of teeth whitening strips available now, both from the dentist and from your supermarket or pharmacy. So what are teeth whitening strips?

Considering teeth whitening strips? Get faster teeth whitening at Teeth Whitening By Sia instead

Teeth whitening strips are strips containing a concentration of hydrogen peroxide that adhere to your teeth, giving a whitening effect over time. However you should consider the potential drawbacks of some teeth whitening strips:

  • It takes many days, sometimes weeks, to get a good result.
  • They only whiten the parts of the teeth they touch, leaving noticeable gaps.

Instead of using ineffective teeth whitening strips, why not give Teeth Whitening By Sia a call? We now have fast, affordable teeth whitening using the latest technology from Europe.


Teeth Whitening By Sia’s teeth whitening procedures

Teeth whitening strips are one of those teeth whitening procedures that can give disappointing results. The strips adhere to the front of the teeth only, just whitening those surfaces. This means that the back and sides of the teeth are missed, along with your back teeth. When you smile, this is noticeable.


Teeth Whitening By Sia’s teeth whitening procedures use a special European blue LED lamp, plus a silicone photopixilated mouth guard to reach all your teeth, front and back, for faster, effective whitening.

Another drawback to teeth whitening strips is you have to use them regularly, sometimes up to twice a day for more than a week, to get results.

Teeth Whitening By Sia can give you whiter teeth in only one forty minute session; and in only two sessions, you can get teeth up to five shades whiter.

That’s much faster than strips!

Unlike strips, Teeth Whitening By Sia also uses a gentle formulation of hydrogen peroxide, so you will not experience any tooth sensitivity after visiting our clinics. So whiten your teeth the fast, effective way with Teeth Whitening By Sia!

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