Teeth Whitening Pens

Teeth Whitening By Sia is now offering whitening pens so you can maintain your brighter smile in between appointments.

Maintain your white teeth with Teeth Whitening By Sia’s whitening pens

Some whitening pens, particularly those sold in supermarkets or online, can be pretty ineffective. This is because the concentration of active ingredients is not high enough to have any effect.


Sia’s teeth whitening pens are designed to be effective from the first application.

Our whitening pens have more buffered hydrogen peroxide, so you can see results, while still protecting your teeth from sensitivity and damage.

They are perfect for use in between teeth whitening procedures, to break down stains like coffee, tea, cigarettes and wine.

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Teeth whitening pens

While Teeth Whitening By Sia is fast and effective teeth whitening, sometimes you just need a quick touch up between appointments. Our teeth whitening pens have been designed to do just that. Use it depending on your lifestyle, anywhere from every second night to once a week, to help break down any stains that start to build up, such as that red wine you had with dinner! Simply paint each tooth after brushing in the evening and leave on overnight. Our teeth whitening pens cost $49.95 and contain 40 applications in the slinky silver tube.

Our teeth whitening procedures

Teeth Whitening By Sia uses technology straight out of Europe. Our Blue LED lamp and a photopixilated mouth guard, plus our special non-acidic whitening gel, means our teeth whitening procedures are faster and gentler than most other teeth whitening systems available in Australia today. And our teeth whitening procedures will not cause enamel damage or tooth sensitivity.

We can whiten your teeth by up to fives shades in only two session visits to our clinics. Each session consists of two twenty minute sittings so it can be done in only one lunch hour. This new whiteness is easily maintained by using our in-clinic touch-up sessions or by using our teeth whitening pen.

Teeth Whitening at Teeth Whitening By Sia is located in Bondi Junction, Castle Hill and Sydney’s CBD. Contact us for whiter teeth now!

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