Teeth Whitening Gel

Many people would like whiter teeth but shy away from the process as some teeth whitening gel can make teeth sensitive.

Does whitening gel make your teeth sensitive?

This is because the whitening gel used in some teeth whitening products contains a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide, which can damage tooth enamel and bleach your gums!

But Teeth Whitening By Sia’s teeth whitening system is different. We use a blue LED light and a photopixilated mouth guard to accelerate the whitening process, which allows us to use a low concentration of non-acidic hydrogen peroxide.

Other teeth whitening products

Other teeth whitening products can take hours and hours to see results, meaning the harsh teeth whitening gel is left on your teeth for a long time.

But because Teeth Whitening By Sia’s accelerates the teeth whitening process, our teeth whitening gel only needs to be on your teeth for twenty minutes per sitting, with two sittings making up one session. And you will see teeth that are up to five shades whiter in only two sessions.

So don’t risk the tooth sensitivity associated with other teeth whitening products. Contact Teeth Whitening By Sia for effective, fast and gentle teeth whitening today.

How does Teeth Whitening at Teeth Whitening By Sia work?

We use the latest European teeth whitening technology. The blue LED lamp and the unique photopixilated mouth guard distributes the rays from the lamp to all your teeth at one time. This means faster, all-over whitening. Our non-acidic whitening gel also breaks down into harmless oxygen and water, to simply oxidise tooth stains away. Put simply, this means fast whitening without tooth damage or sensitivity.


We can remove all stains associated with aging, food and wine stains, coffee and tea and smoking stains from both teeth and veneers/crowns.

And the process is so fast, you can get visibly whiter teeth in one lunch hour! In as little as one session visit, consisting of two twenty minute sittings, to our clinics, you can transform your smile and take years off your appearance.

We are conveniently located in the Sydney CBD, Castle Hill and in Bondi Junction, near Westfield.

So if you wanted to get a whiter, brighter smile but were concerned about associated teeth sensitivity, don’t worry. Teeth Whitening By Sia will whiten teeth gently and quickly without damage or sensitivity. You will also enjoy a lip conditioning treatment valued at $60, absolutely free. Check us out here!

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