Teeth Whitening Products

Ditch the home teeth whitening products for Laser Teeth Whitening!

Have you tried various home teeth whitening products only to be disappointed in the results?

Home teeth whitening can be messy, dangerous and ineffective.

Now, thanks to the latest teeth whitening technology out of Europe, Laser By Sia can give you a whiter smile in only twenty minutes.

Using our amazing Blue LED Light and a unique photopixilated mouth guard, we can whiten all your teeth, top and bottom, in your lunch hour with zero tooth sensitivity.

Home teeth whitening can be so fiddly. You have to mess about with trays and peroxide solutions, only to find that it either doesn’t work, or your teeth are sensitive to the solution. Home teeth whitening kits can also be abused, and you could end up doing serious damage to your precious teeth.

Don’t risk using amateur teeth whitening products. Teeth Whitening at Laser By Sia is quick, simple, affordable and doesn’t harm your teeth or cause tooth sensitivity. So call us now for a whiter, brighter smile in just twenty minutes!

Teeth Whitening Products

Home Teeth Whitening

Thanks to the Internet, you can buy many different teeth whitening products online now. But what do you know about them? For a teeth whitener to be effective, it must contain hydrogen peroxide. Too little and the product doesn’t work, too much and you end up damaging your teeth. There is also the risk of leaving the solution on too long and bleaching your gums or winding up with permanent tooth sensitivity.

The best of all the teeth whitening products

Teeth whitener kits you take home are messy, can leak, and can taste very bad! At Laser By Sia, there is no leakage, mess and no bad taste. Our special photopixilated mouth guard allows the blue LED light to reach all your teeth, for all over teeth whitening using a smaller dose of hydrogen peroxide than other teeth whitening products. So Teeth Whitening at Laser By Sia can be used by those with sensitive teeth,

Even those with sensitive teeth can use our teeth whitener

Our small dose of hydrogen peroxide is designed to be non-acidic and break down into oxygen and water. It only needs to be left on for twenty minutes, as opposed to over an hour with some other methods. Find out more about our teeth whitening here.

Where do I go for Teeth Whitening at Laser By Sia?

Our specialty teeth whitening clinics are in Bondi Junction, Castle Hill and the Sydney CBD. Contact us here.

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