Teeth Whitening Clinic Sydney

The wait is over! Thanks to Teeth Whitening By Sia, Sydney now has access to the latest teeth whitening technology out of Europe.

Sydney now boasts the latest European teeth whitening technology!

Teeth Whitening By Sia’s has revolutionised the Sydney teeth whitening market, making it faster, more effective, more affordable and gentler.

We use a new Blue LED lamp and a unique photopixilated mouth guard to direct the accelerating rays and heat to all of the teeth, meaning all-over whitening in only twenty minutes.

And by visiting our Sydney CBD, Castle Hill or Bondi Junction teeth whitening clinics, you can achieve teeth that are five shades lighter in only two sessions–each session consisting of two twenty-minute sittings.

So visit Teeth Whitening By Sia’s for teeth whitening, now in three locations across Sydney, now!

Teeth Whitening 

Teeth Whitening in Sydney

Until now, teeth whitening in Sydney meant a trip to the dentist or fiddling around with home whitening kits. But both these methods take a long time and can result in tooth sensitivity. But Teeth Whitening By Sia’s clinics use a special Blue LED light, a photopixilated mouth guard and non-acidic hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth in only twenty minutes with zero enamel damage, gum bleaching or sensitivity.

Our Teeth Whitening clinics

Unlike the dentist, our teeth whitening clinics are relaxing and pleasant. Our therapists will take you through the procedure and let you know how many sessions you might need. Then, you can enjoy a free lip conditioning treatment valued at $60, plus whiter teeth in as little as twenty minutes without tooth sensitivity or breaking the budget.

To find out more, read our teeth whitening FAQs, or view our price list.

Remember, teeth whitening can remove stains like coffee, tea and cigarettes, and whiten your teeth or veneers to their original, natural colour. Teeth whitening cannot bleach enamel, or remove the look of grey teeth.

So for teeth up to five shades lighter in only two sessions, visit Teeth Whitening By Sia’s in Sydney’s CBD, Castle Hill and Bondi Junction and enjoy a younger looking smile!

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