Teeth Whitening

The clinic you trust with all your skin care and hair removal needs, Teeth Whitening By Sia, is proud to introduce the latest in-clinic teeth whitening technology to Sydney!

Teeth Whitening By Sia introduces the latest teeth whitening technology

Teeth Whitening By Sia uses the latest in European technology for faster, safer teeth whitening and without the time and expense of a dentist’s visit.

Teeth Whitening By Sia, in Bondi Junction, Castle Hill and Sydney’s CBD, can gently remove stains and discoloration from your teeth in only forty minutes. In fact, you can whiten teeth by up to five shades in as few as two session visits to our clinics.

Teeth whitening at the dentist can take hours, with multiple sessions needed before you even see results. Many patients also find the teeth whitening is not worth the resulting teeth sensitivity.

But our professional teeth whitening clinics in Sydney use heat and rays from the Blue LED Cosmetic Lamp and a photopixalated silicone mouth guard, which allows the light to travel right through to the back, lightening all teeth – without the sensitivity and gum bleaching.

Our European formulation of hydrogen peroxide is designed to be non-acidic and break down into oxygen and water, so it penetrates tooth enamel and simply oxidises stains away. The precise dose, combined with the blue light, means we can use less hydrogen peroxide for better, faster results with no sensitivity. Contact us now!

Why is teeth whitening by Teeth Whitening By Sia faster than teeth whitening carried out by the dentist?

Our blue light and photopixalated mouth guard means results in as little as forty minutes and you can achieve up to five shades lighter in as few as two session visits. You can do sessions concurrently, or one at a time.

How much can I whiten my teeth?

Teeth whitening can only lighten your teeth to their original shade; it removes stains but cannot bleach your natural enamel.

What stains can Teeth Whitening By Sia remove?

We can whiten teeth that are stained by natural aging, smoking, coffee, tea, wine and other general stains that give that yellow appearance.

Will it hurt and will it damage my teeth?

No, it wont hurt or damage your enamel in any way.

I have sensitive teeth, can I use Teeth Whitening By Sia?

Our low levels of hydrogen peroxide make this the perfect teeth whitening system for those with sensitive teeth.

Will it lighten crowns and veneers?

It will remove stains from crowns and veneers, but won’t bleach them lighter than their original shade.

So if you are considering whitening your teeth, contact us at Teeth Whitening By Sia in Bondi Junction, Castle Hill and Sydney’s CBD for the latest, most effective teeth whitening in Sydney.

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