Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom! teeth whitening is one of the most popular teeth whitening methods in the world today. It uses a light accelerated system to whiten teeth in a dentist’s chair.


A bleaching solution is applied to your teeth, then a light is used to activate the bleach. It is useful for getting rid of yellow teeth, and stains caused by coffee, tea, cigarettes and the like. Zoom! teeth whitening penetrates the enamel quickly, which is what makes it so fast, and can only be applied by a dentist.

An alternative to Zoom! Teeth Whitening

If you are considering Zoom! teeth whitening, then it may be worth a visit to a Teeth Whitening By Sia clinic near you. We offer a similar system to Zoom!, but at far less expense.

Using a special blue light, a photopixilated mouth guard and a special non-acidic whitening gel, we can whiten teeth fast! So fast, in fact, that you can have teeth up to five shades whiter in less than two lunch hours.

And because our system does not involve the dentist, it is far more cost effective, while still removing all the stains you would expect, like yellowing teeth, coffee, tea, cigarettes and red wine.

Plus, our system is so gentle, it can even by used by those with sensitive teeth, and will not cause tooth sensitivity or pain.



So if you want effective, gentle and fast teeth whitening, visit Teeth Whitening By Sia in Bondi Junction, Castle Hill and Sydney’s CBD!

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