Teeth Discolouration


There are a number of different kinds of teeth discolouration, but they generally fall into two categories: intrinsic and extrinsic.

Remove stubborn teeth discolouration with Teeth Whitening By Sia

Extrinsic stains include coffee, tea, smoking, wine, while intrinsic teeth discolouration originates from inside the tooth itself, such as grey teeth, brown spots and white spots.



At Teeth Whitening By Sia, we use the latest technology out of Europe to gently whiten away all extrinsic stains, and some intrinsic stains, quickly and easily. Using our Blue LED Lamp, photopixilated mouth guard and low dosage of non-acidic hydrogen peroxide, our teeth treatments can remove many extrinsic stains in as little as twenty minutes. In fact, you can enjoy teeth that are up to five shades lighter in as little as two sessions, each session consisting of two twenty-minute sittings, at Teeth Whitening By Sia.

Because of our non-acidic, low dosage of hydrogen peroxide, we can also remove stubborn teeth discolouration without causing teeth sensitivity. Contact us now!

Remove teeth discolouration from smoking and coffee

Teeth Whitening By Sia can easily treat extrinsic teeth stains like coffee, tea, smoking, wine, food and yellowing from aging. In as little as twenty minutes, you will see a big difference, with teeth up to five shades lighter achieved in only two in-clinic sessions.

Teeth Whitening at Teeth Whitening By Sia will not give you sensitive teeth

Our Blue LED light and photopixilated mouth guard accelerates the whitening process. Our hydrogen peroxide is also formulated to be non-acidic, and it breaks down into oxygen and water to oxidise stains away quickly, so the solution does not have to be left on your teeth for as long as other methods.

Why our tooth whitening system is different

Unlike other teeth whitening systems, Teeth Whitening By Sia offers fast, gentle and affordable teeth whitening. Now, you can get teeth treatments in your lunch hour without breaking the bank or damaging your teeth.

What our teeth treatments can and cannot treat

We can easily get rid of stains like coffee, tea, smoking and wine, to bring your teeth or veneers back to their natural colour. Brown spots will require more treatments than general stains.

Grey teeth cannot be bleached; you may wish to see your dentist about veneers. White spots also cannot be removed, however, Teeth Whitening By Sia can lighten the overall tooth shade, which may make white spots less noticeable.

So if you were considering tooth whitening, visit Teeth Whitening By Sia for a free assessment!

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