Teeth Cosmetics

Cosmetic dentistry is on the increase as more people covet a ‘Hollywood smile’. Cosmetic dentistry can include many things, including teeth whitening, veneers, crowns of even full dentures. But before you sign up for a round of painful and expensive teeth cosmetics, why not visit Teeth Whitening By Sia for a free, no obligation assessment first?

Considering teeth cosmetics? Talk to Teeth Whitening By Sia first!

You’d be surprised at what we can achieve for your smile in only two forty-minute sessions.

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Cosmetic Procedures and teeth cosmetics

Almost universally, people want a whiter, brighter smile. A whiter smile takes years off our age, makes us look healthy, and can hide flaws like slightly crooked teeth, cosmetic procedures are generally the only way they can achieve this.

People not only try teeth whitening to achieve this look, they also try cosmetic procedures like veneers, crowns and even full dentures for that perfect white smile. Needless to say, this kind of teeth cosmetics can run into the many thousands of dollars, as well as being very painful and leaving you with damaged teeth.


Don’t break the budget (not to mention your teeth) in search of a whiter smile. At Teeth Whitening By Sia we use the latest European technology to gently, affordably and effectively whiten your teeth.

Teeth Whitening By Sia uses a special blue LED light and a photopixilated mouth guard to give you whiter teeth in only forty minutes, and you can achieve teeth that are up to five shades whiter in only two sessions.


At our clinics we can get rid of that aging, yellowish tinge to the teeth and restore your teeth or veneers to their original white colour. We can also reduce brown spots, and reduce the appearance of white spots by whitening the surrounding tooth colour.

Teeth Whitening Prices

And to whiten you teeth by up to five shades only costs $560-far cheaper than cosmetic dentistry!

So don’t pay for painful and unnecessary cosmetic procedures, talk to Teeth Whitening By Sia first!

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