Teeth Bleaching

Teeth bleaching can be a complicated and messy process-and that’s after you have waded through the plethora of teeth whitening options at your disposal.

Considering teeth bleaching? Talk to Teeth Whitening By Sia first!

Are you considering teeth bleaching at the dentist, or teeth whitening at home? Do you know how high the concentration of hydrogen peroxide is in the gel you will be using? Does your dentist use laser or light teeth whitening? How many sessions will you need?

Before you decide on any of the above teeth whitening procedures, talk to Teeth Whitening By Sia first.

Teeth Whitening By Sia is not your average teeth bleaching. We use the latest technology out of Europe to accelerate the process, making it faster and gentler than other teeth whitening procedures.

So contact us now for a no obligation assessment and enjoy whiter teeth in only one lunch hour!

Teeth Whitening Procedures

Bleaching teeth can be dangerous. Unless an accelerant is used to speed up the process, high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide need to be left on your teeth for long, multiple sessions. This can result in enamel damage and even gum bleaching.

On the flip side, teeth bleaching using over the counter kits can be completely ineffective.



Teeth Whitening By Sia uses a Blue LED lamp and a photopixilated mouth guard to accelerate the whitening process. We also use a non-acidic formulation of hydrogen peroxide to oxidise stains away gently, meaning no resulting tooth sensitivity.

Before bleaching your teeth, talk to us

At Teeth Whitening By Sia, we offer you a no-obligation, free assessment to determine if you are suitable for our teeth whitening.

If you are suitable, you can have whiter teeth in one lunch hour. Your first session includes two twenty minute sittings and in that time, you can get noticeably whiter teeth.

Our teeth whitening procedures also cost as little as half of what a dentist may charge!

So before considering ordinary teeth bleaching, talk to Teeth Whitening By Sia. Your first session also includes a free $60 lip conditioning treatment! Call us now!

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