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Nothing tells the world you smoke better than yellow teeth, or smoker’s teeth.

Get rid of smoker’s teeth

All the breath mints and hand scrubbing in the world won’t hide your habit if your teeth are badly stained. Teeth Whitening By Sia helps get rid of smoker’s teeth at less expense and in less time than a trip to the dentist.

Often, simple brushing just won’t get rid of smoker’s teeth, but at the same time, teeth whitening at the dentist takes a long time and is very expensive. Teeth Whitening at Teeth Whitening By Sia gets the same results as a dentist, faster, and without breaking your bank balance. So if want to banish the stained teeth, contact Teeth Whitening By Sia.

Teeth Whitening at Teeth Whitening By Sia

If you’re a regular smoker, then you can likely see it on your fingers: smoking leaves a yellow-brown tinge. This same tinge is staining your teeth every time you have a cigarette.



While Teeth Whitening By Sia would recommend giving up the habit, if you can’t then we can whiten smoker’s teeth quickly and without tooth damage. We use a blue LED light and a photopixilated mouth guard to reach all your teeth at one time to quickly and gently get rid of smoker’s teeth. In your first session, which involves two twenty minute sittings, we can visibly whiten your teeth. In only two sessions, you can have teeth that are up to five shades whiter. That’s your smoker’s teeth gone in only a couple of lunch hours! We also use a non-acidic formulation of hydrogen peroxide, so you won’t end up with tooth sensitivity or bleached gums.

Maintaining your results

If you are a heavy smoker, to maintain your results in between Teeth Whitening appointments we would recommend using our whitening pen every second night to prevent new stains from building up. Alternatively, we offer fast ‘touch up’ sessions in our clinics.

Find out more about us here, or view our price list.

So banish smoker’s teeth for good at Teeth Whitening By Sia, now located in Bondi Junction, Castle Hill and the Sydney CBD. Contact us now!

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