Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

A smile makeover can make you look years younger.

And now, thanks to Teeth Whitening By Sia, a smile makeover can be achieved in your lunch hour without breaking the budget.

Get a smile makeover with Cosmetic Teeth Whitening at Teeth Whitening By Sia

Using the latest European technology we can gently and effectively whiten your teeth in our clinics in Bondi Junction, Castle Hill and Sydney’s CBD, giving you a younger, healthier appearance.

The secret is in our blue light. Using a blue LED light and a special photopixilated mouth guard, we can accelerate the whitening process, providing cosmetic teeth whitening in just twenty minutes.



And while you can achieve teeth that are up to five shades whiter in only two session visits, each consisting of two twenty-minute sittings, to our clinics, our special non-acidic formulation of hydrogen peroxide also means no teeth sensitivity.

So if you are in need of a smile makeover, contact us now!

How does cosmetic Teeth Whitening at Teeth Whitening By Sia give me a smile makeover?

Our Blue LED light and photopixilated mouth guard means light can reach all your teeth in one go, accelerating the whitening process, giving you a smile makeover in only twenty minutes.

The accelerated process also means that our non-acidic formulation of hydrogen peroxide only needs to be used for a short time-far shorter than most other forms of teeth whitening-meaning you won’t experience any teeth sensitivity.

We can also achieve up to five shades lighter in as few as two session visits to our clinics, which can be done concurrently, or one at a time. Each session consists of two twenty-minute sittings.

So next time you are considering a smile makeover, don’t spend a fortune on other, slower cosmetic teeth whitening systems. Visit Teeth Whitening By Sia now and also enjoy a free lip conditioning treatment, normally valued at $60!

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