Blue Light Gel Whitening

Teeth Whitening By Sia has now introduced an amazing new technology, blue light gel whitening, to its Sydney CBD, Castle Hill and Bondi Junction clinics.

Get whiter teeth in only 40 minutes thanks to Teeth Whitening By Sia’s new Blue Light Gel Whitening

Fresh from Europe, this teeth whitening technology accelerates the whitening process, meaning you can get whiter teeth in only forty minutes!



Unlike other teeth whitening procedures, which can take more than an hour per session, with multiple sessions needed, our blue light gel whitening is fast AND effective.

The secret is in the blue light and photopixilated mouth guard, which allows the blue light and heat to reach all your teeth at the one time, for quick, all over whitening. This blue light allows us to use a special non-acidic hydrogen peroxide gel to oxidise stains away without tooth damage or sensitivity.


Other teeth whitening procedures

Other teeth whitening procedures, including at the dentist and take home kits, can require multiple hours-long sessions to see any visible results. And because of their high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, these teeth whitening procedures can cause tooth sensitivity.

But thank to our incredible non-acidic hydrogen peroxide formulation, we can achieve teeth whitening that is far faster without sensitivity or enamel damage. This is because our gel transforms to harmless oxygen and water, to oxidise stains, such as coffee, tea and cigarette smoke, away.

Teeth Whitening By Sia will remove stains and bring you teeth back to their original enamel colour. We can also remove stains from veneers and crowns, restoring them to their original colour. In fact, your teeth can be up to five shades whiter in only two session visits to our clinics.

Teeth Whitening By Sia teeth whitening is a relaxing experience, and you will also enjoy a lip conditioning treatment valued at $60 free!

So don’t waste your time and precious teeth on other teeth whitening procedures when Teeth Whitening By Sia’s amazing blue light gel whitening will visibly whiten your teeth in only forty minutes. For gentle teeth whitening, contact us now!

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