Cosmetic Dentistry

The main service carried out in cosmetic dentistry today is teeth whitening. And this is for a couple of very simple reasons, whiter teeth make us look younger and healthier.

Teeth Whitening Procedures

Get cosmetic dentistry in your lunch hour

Studies have shown that first impressions are formed on the basis of your smile; so it is no coincidence that all the Hollywood stars today have almost glow-in-the-dark smiles.

Teeth whitening as an industry is taking off. But before you book in for an expensive session of cosmetic dentistry, the latest technology out of Europe means you can achieve the results of dental cosmetics faster in our salon.

Teeth Whitening By Sia uses a special blue LED light and a photopixilated mouth guard to give you whiter teeth in only twenty minutes, and you can achieve teeth that are up to five shades whiter in only two sessions, consisting of four twenty-minute sittings.

Teeth Whitening done by the dentist can be expensive and time consuming. Often, sessions last over an hour and can result in tooth sensitivity.

Our blue LED light, photopixilated mouth guard and low does of hydrogen peroxide means we can achieve faster results than cosmetic dentistry, without the tooth sensitivity. Contact us now!

Why are you faster than dentist teeth whitening?

Our photopixilated mouth guard and blue LED light uses heat and light rays to accelerate the whitening process. You will see results in only twenty minutes. In two sessions, each session consisting of two twenty-minute sittings, you can have teeth up to five shades whiter.

Are you cheaper than cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry to whiten teeth can cost over $1,000 for a single session. Teeth Whitening By Sia charges only $560 for two sessions.

Will I get Hollywood teeth whitening?

Any kind of teeth whitening, including that done by a dentist, will only remove stains and restore your teeth to their natural enamel colour. Those ‘whiter than white’ Hollywood smiles are usually the result of veneers.

I am considering dental cosmetics to get whiter teeth, should I talk to Teeth Whitening By Sia first?

Absolutely. We can remove most teeth stains faster and more cheaply than teeth whitening done by a dentist. If you are in any doubt, come and see us for a free assessment.

So if you are considering dental cosmetics work, and would like to know more about our teeth whitening process, please contact Teeth Whitening By Sia in Bondi Junction, Castle Hill or Sydney’s CBD now!

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