Thinking of trying a teeth whitening pen? Well look no further, Teeth Whitening By Sia now offers a teeth whitening pen that is fast and effective.

Teeth Whitening By Sia now offers effective teeth whitening pens

Teeth Whitening pens you can buy in supermarkets can be fairly ineffective. This is because they just don’t have enough active ingredients in them, so you need to apply them day after day, month after month, to see any results. This prolonged use can also result in tooth damage.

Our teeth whitening pens contain the same active ingredient we use in our teeth whitening procedures at our Sydney, Castle Hill and Bondi Teeth Whitening Clinics. Our buffered hydrogen peroxide is effective, while still protecting your teeth from sensitivity and damage. You won’t get blotchy teeth or stained gums like you will with cheap and nasty teeth whitening pens.

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Teeth Whitening Products

All teeth whitening products contain hydrogen peroxide. But it is in the concentration where things differ. Too little and teeth whitening products don’t work, too much and you could wind up with tooth sensitivity and bleached gums. Our experienced staff and our high quality teeth whitening products combine to ensure your smile whiter and brighter than ever.

Our non-acidic whitening gel used at Teeth Whitening By Sia is activated by our unique Blue LED lamp and photopixilated mouth guard to achieve gentle teeth whitening-fast. This is this same non acidic formulation that is used in our teeth whitening pens.

Our Teeth Whitening Pen is perfect for touch-ups between appointments, or after consuming red wine or coffee.

Teeth Whitening Pen Prices

Simply paint each tooth after brushing in the evening and leave on overnight. Our teeth whitening pens cost $49.95 and contain 40 applications in a sexy silver tube.

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