Is you teeth whitening toothpaste ineffective? Then why not visit Teeth Whitening By Sia for effective, gentle teeth whitening?

At each of our clinics in Castle Hill, Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction, we have the latest in teeth whitening technology which can have your teeth up to five shades whiter in less than two lunch hours!

Using our special blue light and photopixilated mouth guard, we can whiten your teeth all over–front and back–fast! And because our formulation of hydrogen peroxide is non-acidic, it simply oxidized stains away without causing damage.

Using our system, we can erase all evidence of age from your teeth, as well as stains like coffee, tea, red wine and cigarettes. Our system will restore the natural white of your enamel and is even fine to use on sensitive teeth.

Find out more about teeth whitening here!

So don–t waste your time and money on ineffective teeth whitening toothpastes, visit Teeth Whitening!