Considering a bit of teeth whitening? Here are a few things you need to know before using teeth whitening products:

  • How many sessions will you need? Teeth whitening my look cheap per session, but the costs add up if you need more than one or two sessions.
  • Is the hydrogen peroxide solution acidic or non-acidic? How long can it be left on your teeth without causing damage or sensitivity?
  • Likewise, how long will the solution need to be left on your teeth? Is an accelerant, like a blue light, heat or laser used to speed up the process?
  • Do you already have sensitive teeth? If so, many teeth whitening product will not be suitable for use.
  • Does it create all-over whitening, or does it just whiten the fronts of your teeth? This can give you an uneven result.

At Teeth Whiting By Sia, we answer all of these questions before we whiten your teeth. Our new teeth whitening product and technology uses a blue light and a photopixilated mouth guard to whiten all your teeth in one go–fast. So fast, in fact, you can have teeth up to five  shades whiter in less than two lunch hours.

Our non-acidic solution of hydrogen peroxide will not damage your teeth, and is suitable for use by those with sensitive teeth.

So don’t waste your time and ruin your teeth on any old teeth whitening procedures, contact Teeth Whiting By Sia now!