Need to whiten your teeth but worry about the cost? Then contact Teeth Whiting By Sia for not only the most advanced teeth whitening treatment around, but also for reasonable teeth whitening costs.

Teeth whitening at the dentist can cost you many thousand of dollars once you’ve had a cleaning, multiple sessions and other hidden procedures.

But Teeth Whiting By Sia recently imported the very latest in teeth whitening technology with a view to making teeth whitening gentle and affordable for everyone.

Our special blue light combined with our photopixilated mouth guard means the teeth whitening process at Teeth Whiting By Sia is fast–so fast, that in only two lunch-time sessions, you can have teeth that are up to five shades whiter.

This means no repeat visits and no hours wasted in the dentist’s chair!

And, simply by using our affordable teeth whitening pen, you can keep stains like coffee, tea, red wine and cigarettes at bay, so a touch up whitening session will only be needed annually, if at all.

So if you want to whiten your teeth, but thought you couldn’t afford it, contact Teeth whitening by Sia in Bondi, Castle Hill , St ives and the Sydney CBD.