Have you overindulged this silly season? Perhaps enjoyed a few too many red wines and coffees? Don’t suffer with stained teeth, visit Teeth Whitening By Sia for fast, effective and gentle teeth whitening that won’t break the holiday budget.

There is no kind of food or drink teeth stains that Teeth Whiting By Sia can’t get rid of in a maximum of two lunch hours. Think about it: you could have whiter teeth by the end of the week!

What kind of stains can Teeth Whitening By Sia remove? Find out more.

Unlike home teeth whitening, Teeth Whitening By Sia’s teeth whitening technology is fast! Using our blue light and photopixilated mouth guard, we can whiten all your teeth, front and back, in one go. Meaning no repeat visits and no uneven result. In fact, we can get your teeth up to five shades whiter in only two session visits to one of our clinics.

We also use a special non-acidic formulation of hydrogen peroxide, which is so gentle on the teeth it can be used by those with sensitive teeth.

So a little overindulgence this holiday is not a problem, thanks to Teeth Whiting By Sia’s teeth whitening, now available at Castle Hill, Sydney’s CBD and Bondi Junction. Contact us!