Teeth Whiting teeth whitening is a term that gets dragged out every few years, but what is it really?

Laser teeth whitening is similar to a lot of teeth whitening out there, in that the laser is used as a catalyst to speed-up the teeth whitening process. Teeth Whiting teeth whitening is usually done in the dentist’s chair and can cost many thousands of dollars.

But if you don’t have thousands to spend on laser teeth whitening, then Teeth Whitening By Sia has a solution.

Using our technology, and a blue light instead of a laser, we can whiten teeth just as quickly and effectively as laser teeth whitening at around half the cost.

Much like the laser speeds up the teeth whitening process at the dentist, so does our blue light. Using our blue light combined with a photopixilated mouth guard, we can whiten your teeth by up to five shades in less than two lunch hours.

And unlike some teeth whitening done at the dentist, our hydrogen peroxide solution is non-acidic, won’t cause tooth damage, and can be used by people with sensitive teeth.

So visit Teeth Whitening By Sia for teeth whitening in your lunch hour. Now located at Bondi Junction, Castle Hill and whitening the teeth of the city’s workforce at our Sydney CBD clinic.