If you’re after effective teeth whitening this silly season, there are gentler and more successful ways to do it that over the counter teeth whitening strips.

For example, did you know that the renowned Teeth Whiting By Sia clinics now offer the latest in teeth whitening technology from Europe? And in as little as one lunch hour you could enjoy whiter teeth?

Whitening strips may seem convenient, but they do have drawbacks. One is their potential for over use, which can lead to significant tooth damage. Another is that they give an uneven result, so anywhere the strips don’t touch will not get whitened.

Instead, Teeth Whiting By Sia’s teeth whitening offers all over teeth whitening, front and back, fast! And because we use a gentler non-acidic hydrogen peroxide solution, your teeth will not be damaged. In fact, people with sensitive teeth are allowed to use our method.

Find out more about why our teeth whitening is so much faster and more effective than teeth whitening strips here.

Plus, teeth whitening strips can take a really long time before you see any results. But at Teeth Whiting By Sia clinics, you can see results in less than one lunch hour. And in only two lunch hours, you can have teeth that are up to five shades whiter!

So visit us now in Castle Hill, Bondi Junction and Sydney’s CBD.